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 About us, Rene & Debby Marin    




 Hello and thank you for the opportunity to tell you a bit about my husband, Rene and myself.

God has blessed us both with creative minds, hands for crafting and building, and talent for art and design.

Rene’s employment background and education is in criminal justice and corporate security, so our business adventure is newer and less familiar to him than it is to me.

It’s interesting how a person’s life plays out. When Rene was in Junior High School, he took a woodworking class that he was supposed to continue through High School. The point was he would graduate with a trade in woodworking.

He says, “All I made was a trash can and it wasn’t very good. I didn’t do very well in that class. I wasn’t interested in it.” (Smiling)

Instead of woodworking, he chose the avenue of academics and eventually earned two degrees, neither of which apply to our business today. 

Then 38 years later, as a result of circumstances, he went to work with me in a business that requires woodworking. And by the way, he is very good at it too!

He’s always had a creative side to him. As a young boy, Rene played a ten string guitar called a Cuatro. He also took a music class in college to learn how to read music.

In high School, he was interested in ceramics and exceled in theatrics, but most of all, Rene is a problem solver. He can come up with creative solutions that never enter my mind. In fact, more than once he’s been of great help to me when I was stumped with a furniture arrangement. Even though there have been times he has also threatened to nail the furniture to the floor. (Smiling)

As a very young child, I was forever designing something; from clothes out of fabric scraps draped on my dolls to making furniture for my Barbie’s out of cardboard and Scotch tape. Oh yes, and the dolls always had a stylish haircut….as long as the hair lasted. (Smiling)

Mother’s sewing box was always interesting and tempting too and so were the things in the hardware store that I innocently walked out with one day. Mother made me take them back and promise not to do that again.

And there was that time (second grade) she wouldn’t roll my hair or give me the rollers so I could do it myself. I found some clothes pins in the bathroom and curled my hair with them. I wouldn’t recommend that.

In my teens and early twenties, with little money for decorating, spray paint was my best friend when it came to transforming accessories. (Laughing) Thank goodness I've graduated to other mediums for decorating, but paint is still the grandest way to change a room and the items in it.

I've worked for an interior design company, had my own interior decorating business, and even manufactured my own Southwestern and Western home decor, accessories, and paintings of which I sold wholesale to retail stores throughout Texas and Arizona. I hand crafted a large collection of reproduced American Indian artifacts too and wholesaled those as well. Great fun!

Most of the homes I've lived in I've remodeled. The last home, Rene and I extensively remodeled from top to bottom, inside and out and did the majority of the work ourselves.

We started with a terribly messed up house and only a few skills, but we learned one step at a time and purchased tools in the same manner. Eventually we amassed a large number of tools and skills to go with them

 We have always worked together as a team, but now more so than ever because we’re one in business and one in life.

We love our job and we love putting smiles on people’s faces when they see our work. What a privilege to bring beauty into homes and create havens for those who live there.

It would be our pleasure meeting you and being a blessing to you and your home!


Thank you for reading! Wishing you and yours the very best.


Rene and Debby