Decorating, Redesign, Staging & Furnishings

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         Services & Fees  

Consultant: Some clients are interested in doing the work themselves. In those cases, I work as a consultant to provide decorating and remodeling ideas. A consultation is also necessary for all the services we provide.

Decorating: We decorate every aspect of a space; rugs, furniture, paint, custom window treatments, custom bedding, pillows, wall décor, lighting and other accessories. We prefer using one of a kind furnishings that suit one home, one client in particular. We enjoy working with every style, color, and design and we also have the resources to create magnificent homes in every style to suit our clients.  

Home Redesign:  Redesign consists primarily of using the furnishings a client already has and recreating spaces with those items. We accomplish that in several different ways. One of the best ways is by rearranging the furnishings to create a completely different look and feel to the space. Another way is by transforming the furnishing with an updated appearance or even giving certainly items a new purpose. Switching décor from one room to another also works well. Often we suggest the purchase of new pieces to pull the room together. These transformations can be done in a new home or a preexisting one.

Home Staging: Assisting you inside and out to maximize your home's potential and appearance, using what you already have or with the purchase of extra items you may need. Home Staging is making your home appeal to “all” potential buyers. The results are; your home sells quickly and for the maximum market value.

I don't know about you, but my husband and I didn't enjoy having ourselves and our home available for viewing every day at all times. Nor were we thrilled about complete strangers going through our home and personal places on a regular basis. So we wanted our home to sell as quickly as possible, but we also wanted to sell it for the listed price. We were willing to do any wise and reasonable thing to achieve that goal.

The truth is, when we make the decision to place our homes on the market, our home is no longer is ours to live in as we please. It becomes the home of potential buyers, and if it doesn't become the home of potential buyers, the home doesn't sell. It's just that simple. If you so choose to allocate a budget for Staging, etc., it is very important the money is spent wisely on improvements that provide a return on your investment. I can help you make those wise choices.

Home Staging is a win, win situation for all those involved; the seller, the buyer, and the realtor all benefit. Let my husband and I help you win.

Fees: Consultation fees, $65.00 an hour, a minimum two hour consultation for all decorating services.

Within that time frame, a walk through your home and consultation, I can provide you with a wealth of suggestions for your home.

Consultation time also includes communications with client, whether phone, text, or email and the fee applies to those communication services as well.

Shopping, designing, researching materials, transporting materials, transforming pieces and other necessary functions are $55.00 an hour.

Installation performed by Decorating Specialist, $85.00 per hour, (transportation time included)